Monday, April 26, 2010

Thougts on Forbearance

Four days ago I shared some thoughts on trustworthiness. That is one of the five virtues that I mentioned in my blog entry for April 19, 2010. In that entry, I said that the five named virtues were the ones that world leaders would need to demonstrate, if they hoped to move our planet closer a certain ideal. the ideal of becoming a more peaceful world.

Tonight I am going to write about a second virtue--forbearance. A leader that demonstrates forbearance acts in a manner that allows him or her to become a shining example of patience and tolerance.

A patient person is someone who is willing to endure a troublesome situation. That does not mean a total acceptance of that situation. A patient person can attempt to bring about change, but he or she exercises patience, when promoting any idea that calls for a sweeping change.

A tolerant person manages to sort out things that need changing from things that are of little importance. A tolerant person learns to accept those things that are "not worth fighting about." A tolerant person exercises flexibility. He or she finds a way to live with a situation until a path for changing that situation has been made clear.

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