Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts On Trustworthiness

Today, Earth Day, I am going to write about the first of the five virtues I mentioned in my earlier blog. I feel that a willingness to practice trustworthiness would not only help to push us closer towards a more peaceful world, it would also help us to create a more litter free world.

Trustworthiness means that you can be counted on. When you are trustworthy, then you keep your promises. You show determination, reliability and truthfulness, as you set about doing what you promised to do.

Without an display of trustworthiness agreements and promises have little meaning. President Obama expects the trustworthy leaders who attended his meeting to follow through with thei promises. The pleas her today regarding treatment of the environment seek trustworthiness from every member of society. Each person is expected to do what they claim they will do.

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