Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts on a More Peaceful World

One week ago today, President Obama began a special summit meeting, one designed to reduce the amount of "loose" nuclear material in today's world. Right now a second group of leaders is holding a second meeting on nuclear proliferation. This second meeting is taking place in Iran.

I find it interesting that both of these meetings are being held in April. In April of 1912, one Persian gentleman stepped off of a boat in New York's harbor. He told news reporters that he had come to the United States in order to promote efforts for world peace.

Abdu'l-Baha's writings formed the basis for many of the opinions put forth in the book The Promis of World Peace. The final chapter in that book suggests five virtues that show a respect for human dignity. The authors of this book maintain that a willingness by leaders to adhere to those five virtues can help to push along the slow progress that the world is making, the progress towards world peace.

I plan to offer insights on those five virtues in my coming blogs.

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