Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts that Look to the Future

Since the United States has watched the inauguration of its first African American President, a number of people have asked, "Where do we stand now on the issue of race relations?" They wonder of America has achieved the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

Abdu'l-Baha had an answer for people with that question. Here is what he said:

"Therefore strive earnestly and put forth your greatest endeavor toward the accomplishment of this fellowship and the cementing of this bond of brotherhood between you. Such an attainment is not possible without will and effort on the part of each; from one, expressions of gratitude and appreciation; from the other kindliness and recognition of equality. Each one should endeavor to develop and assist the other toward mutual advancement. This is possible only by conjoining of effort and inclination. Love and unity will be fostered between you, thereby bringing about the oneness of mankind. For the accomplishment of unity between the colored and whites will be an assurance of the world's peace. Then racial prejudice, national prejudice, limited patriotism and religious bias will pass away and remain no longer. I am pleased to see you at this gathering, white and dark, and I praise God that I have had this opportunity of seeing you loving each other, for this is the means of the glory of humanity. This is the means of the good-pleasure of God and of eternal bliss in His kingdom. Therefore I pray in your behalf that you may attain to the fullest degree of love and that the day may come when all differences between you may disappear."

The above quote was taken from the book Baha'i World Faith page 267. The statement in last night's blog was also taken from that book.

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