Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thoughts on a Memorial Service

Today, a group of Baha'is from southern California gathered at the gravesite of Thorton Chase, one of the first American Baha'is. That gravesite is located at a cemetery in Inglewood, CA. Abdu'l-Baha was well on his way to California on September 27, 1912. Below you will find part of a talk that he gave on Sept. 25, 1912, when he set aside time to give a talk to an audience in Denver:

The purpose of all the divine religions is the establishment of the bonds of love and fellowship among men, and the heavenly phenomena of the revealed Word of God are intended to be a source of knowledge and illumination to humanity. So long as man persists in his adherence to ancestral forms and imitation of obsolete ceremonials, denying higher revelations of the divine light in the world, strife and contention will destroy the purpose of religion and make love and fellowship impossible. Each of the holy Manifestations announced the glad tidings of His successor, and each One confirmed the message of His predecessor. Therefore, inasmuch as They were agreed and united in purpose and teaching, it is incumbent upon Their followers to be likewise unified in love and spiritual fellowship. In no other way will discord and alienation disappear and the oneness of the world of humanity be established.

The above quotation can be found in the book The Promulgation of Universal Peace.

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