Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts on Things

The news tonight spoke again about the many retail stores the would be closing their doors. The report indicated that Americans would no longer be able to buy whatever they wanted; although they could expect to have what they needed. Here is what Abdu'l-Baha had to say about the quest for material possessions:

"True religion is the source of love and agreement amongst men, the cause of the development of praiseworthy qualities; but the people are holding to the counterfeit and imitation, negligent of the reality which unifies; so they are bereft and deprived of the radiance of religion. They follow superstitions inherited from their fathers and ancestors. To such an extent has this prevailed that they have taken away the heavenly light of divine truth and sit in the darkness of imitations and imaginations. That which was meant to be conducive to life has become the cause of death; that which should have been an evidence of knowledge is now a proof of ignorance; that which was a factor in the sublimity of human nature has proved to be its degradation. Therefore the realm of the religionist has gradually narrowed and darkened and the sphere of the materialist has widened and advanced; for the religionist has held to imitation and counterfeit, neglecting and discarding holiness and the sacred reality of religion."

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Sue C. said...

The above statement was taken from the book "Baha'i World Faith" Pg. 237.