Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thougts on Compassion

So far, I have written about three of the five virtues that I had pointed to as virtues that "befit human dignity." I had asserted that those five virtues would be needed by any leader that hoped to further the move toward a more peaceful world.

Today I am going to write about compassion. A compassionate leader is understanding and caring. A compassionate leader helps people everywhere to understand that they are not alone. Compassion can help the world to come together. It moves the world closer to unity, a condition that must precede attainment of a truly peaceful world.

Sue Chehrenegar

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Melodyhenbrooke said...

Compassion is a frequently misunderstood word. It is not an emotion (that is what is confused with empathy) and it's not rescuing. Compassion has to include the self as well as the other person and it is an action, not an emotion. If you want to learn more about compassion, I blog on the topic regularrly at