Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts Stirred by a Traveler

On April 27, 1912, Abdu'l-Baha was traveling to his next destination. I will have more information on his mode of travel in my blog for May 9, 2009, Today, I thought I would post some comments that Abdu'l-Baha made while he was in Washington D.C. Those people who heard the following statement probably continued to consider its meaning on April 27, 1912.

Here is the statement that they heard on April 25, 1912:

"In the world of existence the greatest bestowals of God are His teachings. The other bounties of God are limited as regards their benefits and provision. Human existence itself is a divine bestowal, but it is circumscribed with limitations. Sight and hearing are bounties of God; both are limited. And so it is with all the other bestowals; the circle of their operation is confined, restricted, whereas the sphere of the divine teachings is boundless. Centuries and ages pass away, but their efficacy continues like the spirit of life which animates the world of existence. Without the teachings of God the world of humanity is like the animal kingdom. What difference is there between the animal and man? The difference is this: that the animal is not capable of apprehending the divine teachings, whereas man is worthy of them and possesses the capacity to understand. In the animal kingdom there is no such bestowal; therefore, there is limited progression. At most, evolution in that kingdom is a development of the organism. In the beginning it is small, undeveloped; it develops, becomes larger; but its sphere of intellectual growth is limited. Therefore, the teachings of God are the bestowals specialized for man. "

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